Back To My Roots: Being a Mom

Picking up kids at school, running to school events, working a job, doing the grocery shopping. cleaning the house......being a mom can be exhausting just to talk about! How do I do it and handle everything else that needs done? I don't. The mom/home/life balance is always out of sync here at Home Base and I can confidently admit that it just adds uniqueness to this beautiful crazy life.

Back to My Roots: Launch Party!

The time has finally arrived! I have put on my best party suit, popped us some popcorn and it is time to have a launch party! I am ready to bring my new jewelry pieces to the public and man oh man are you all gonna love them....

Back To My Roots: Home Base

Every handmade artist's home workshop is different beyond what words can compare. We each have our own needs and fit those needs mostly into tiny spaces to accommodate long working hours and lots of coffee just to get the job done. We spend countless times away from family and children to pursue our dreams and bring our blessings to the public for sharing. I wanted to take time and share my little slice of workshop heaven with you so you can see exactly where your pieces are made every day.

Back To My Roots

I could sit here and type a lot of flowery words about two roads diverging in a yellow wood or some beautiful quote about Mother Nature and so on.....but I have to be honest. That TOTALLY isn't me by any stretch of the imagination. I mean let's be honest, except for poets and scholars ,who really understands all those words anyway? What I am going to share with you is exactly who I am, where I came from, and how the heck it is I got to where I am today at Moore Jewelry Style.


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