About The Creator

I could sit here and type you some amazing, flowery description of who I am and how this all got started but, I can't lie y'all that wouldn't be me at all. I am just the country girl next door who like to pick up sticks out of the yard and make them into pretty things (go ahead and laugh it's okay i promise). I like my farmhouse style decor, buffalo plaid, a good cup of coffee, and making jewelry that reconnects us all to mother nature and the outdoors.

I started making jewelry in 2008 in my mother's basement as a creative outlet that helped make a little extra on the side for my then growing family. I had been making play jewelry since I was a young girl and being able to carry that love into a business was a dream come true for me. As years went on though, it became very clear that beaded jewelry was something everyone was doing now and it took a lot of my love for it away not being able to make my items stand out in a crowd anymore. I am loud and proud and I want my jewelry to stand out just like I do. Leaving the jewelry scene altogether wasn't an option for me because I loved creating for hours in my office and connecting to my customers on such a personal level. It took some soul searching and honestly getting a little 'dirty' for me to figure out what I needed to do.

On a summer day of fun outside with my family on my little piece of paradise, covered head to toe in yard dirt from playing around with the kids, it came to me. What I wanted to truly create with was right in front of me on my 10 acres of land-my trees. I am so protective of the trees on my property because of how long most of them have been there and some were even planted by my grandparents. These were family trees (excuse the pun) and they were the missing piece for me and my customers to reconnect to the outdoors. Pieces of nature preserved so that every time they wear them they can connect with their favorite outdoor memory, whether it be camping, swinging off tree vines for a summer swim, riding bikes on the trails, or even just relaxing on the porch with a tall glass of sweet tea.

All the pieces of wood gathered for my pieces are fallen dead branches and not gathered green wood. Trees should be allowed to live and grow strong just like each and every one of us. No two people are the same, no two trees are the same, and no two pieces of jewelry will ever be exactly alike either. I hope you have fun finding the perfect piece that connects you to your memories as you shop with me. 


Love y'all,

Owner, Creator Moore Jewelry Style